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School uniform is of vital importance for the students. It encourages simplicity, group living, cleanliness, mannerism, feeling of equality and a sense of awareness among them. Whenever the students come to school, they are supposed to be in the school uniform or the dress as prescribed for the occasion.

A.Boys (Summer)
White Shirt, Grey Shorts (for Classes Up to VIII), Grey trousers (for Class IX upwards), Grey socks, Black leather or synthetic leather shoes and allotted tie, school badge & belt, white handkerchief. Complete white uniform on Wednesdays and Saturdays with white canvas shoes.

Gray trousers (woolen), Maroon blazer, Black leather or synthetic leather shoes, Grey socks, Maroon Jersey (V-neck, plain) other things same as for summer.

White blouse (Shirt), Gray Skirt (woolen during winter), white ribbon, black leather or synthetic leather shoes with strap & buckle, other similar as for boys. Similar white uniform for girls as boys.

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